Second Chance

If I had a second chance
to live my life anew
What changes would I make?
What different things I’d do?

I’m sure I’d try to floss more
And read labels on what I eat
And make plans to use time wisely
And apply sunscreen in the heat

But those are things I intended
To do first time around
I doubt that I’d do better
With another set of downs

So I know if I was granted
A chance to live again
I’d pretty much end up
In the shape that I am in

I lived a full and happy life
I have few things to regret
I know I’ve made mistakes galore
And potentials never met

But if I had it all to do
And things that I could fix
I’d be the same man I am now
But I’d bought Microsoft in ‘86

But we don’t get a replay
To correct what went askew
So I don’t get another chance
To buy Wal-mart in ‘72