Simple Pleasures

The first thing that came to mind from this week’s prompt is simple pleasures. I thought I would list some simple, everyday, things that give me great pleasure. They are in no particular order. Since I am very hedonistic, the list could go on forever:

A child’s laugh

A puppy hanging his head out of a car window with the wind whipping its ears

A fish pulling my bobber under

The unmistakable feel of a well-struck golf shot

The smells and sounds of a summer night

Any body of water

Finding a twenty in an old pair of pants

A smile from a stranger

A good dream

The feeling I get from giving money to someone who needs it

Reading Major League Baseball box scores and finding my favorite players had a good game

Watching a favorite rerun of Seinfeld

Meeting someone new

Watching a couple in love

Playing with my grandchildren

Seeing the flag fly

Playing golf with my son

Watching my children participate in sports (I miss that)

Dipping cookies into ice cold milk

Human touch

Watching the sun rise or set

A new shirt ( really anything new)

Waking up on a camping trip

A really good book

A really good movie

Being right

A really good meal with friends

Riding with the top down

Walking on the beach

Praise or compliments

Passing a woman with just the right cologne

Hearing my lover’s pleasure

Arriving home after a trip

The end of a workday

Anticipation of pleasure

Being with friends

Being alone

Peeing when I really needed to (more of a pleasure the older I get)

Seeing a man/woman in a US military uniform, shaking their hand

A massage

Being met at the door by a wagging tail

Driving fast with AC/DC blaring on my IPOD

Sitting on my balcony 1) watching boats go by 2) watching a lightening storm 3) watching girls at the pool

A winning scratch-off ticket (no matter how small)

Waking up early and realizing it is my day off

When people surprise me

When I write something that I think is clever

A day with no pain



Being the first group to tee off just after sunrise

The smell of popcorn

Stranding on a scale that reads less than the day before

Looking in the mirror and liking who I see

Crème brule

Getting a haircut

A long, hot bath

A task well done

Fresh, clean sheets

Killing time at Brookstone

Sleeping in a cold room with a heavy comforter

A carnival

A song on the radio that I had forgotten

Watching an old man/woman with their mother/father

A really funny joke

Holding the title to my car in my hands

Watching a duck with her ducklings

Oysters at Hooters

Finding a golf ball

A fighter jet flying by (see previous blog)

Seeing a truly beautiful woman walk by (not talking inner beauty here)

A full moon

Reminiscing with a friend


The word benign

Seeing a herd of deer

Ice cold water on a hot day

Seeing something I am not supposed to see (guys will understand)

Receiving a comment about my Sunday Scribbling Blog