Thursday Thirteen - My Favorite Cities- 2/21/07

The 13 best cities I have ever visited. These are all cities, no towns, burgs, or hamlets here. These are the first that came to mind. I am sure there are many others that deserve to be on my list if I gave it some thought. These are in no particular order. I liked them all for different reasons: history and culture, people, nightlife, simple beauty, atmosphere, and personal memories/events.

1) New York City, NY

2) Athens, Greece

3) Heidelberg, Germany

4) Taipei, Taiwan

5) Washington, DC

6) Dublin, Ireland

7) San Francisco, CA

8) Vancouver BC

9) Venice, Italy

10) London, England

11) Bangkok, Thailand

12) Miami, FL

13) Madrid, Spain

Those are places to visit. But I live in the best of all places. Myrtle Beach, SC. It has everything I need. I would love to hear which cities are your favorites.