55 Flash Fiction Friday - 3/7/08

I had better explain this a bit or not everyone will get it. I have always had a theory that the rarity and thus the value of Gold and Diamonds is vastly overrated. How can something be rare when it exists in every jewelry store, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, department store, E-bay, Craig's List, etc? Every woman you pass on the street has some on, not counting what is back in her jewelry box, safe deposit box, and locked up in Fort Knox. Ear wax is probably more rare. How about kidney stones? Why are they not of value? I am certain they are more rare than either gold or diamonds. Anyway, with that in mind here is my 55 words for this week:

Mankind has been misled
We have been deceived
Diamonds and Gold are rare
We always believed

Every little jewelry shop
In every town you know
Has cases full of diamonds
And in drawers below

Doubt my premise?
You can prove it in a flash
Take your precious jewelry
And try to turn it into cash