MEME From Bellamocha - 6 Random Things - 3/6/08

I’ve been tagged by Bellamocha and have to tell you six random things about myself. I could not think of anything very interesting. I am a pretty boring guy. I thought about telling you about when I was an astronaut or CIA Agent, but I thought I would save those for future blogs.

1)I have a bizarre brain. Those of you who have read my blogs realize that already. Here are some of my eccentricities: I cannot play Chess or Backgammon. I have never won a game of either in my life. My brain does not work that way. Though, I have seldom lost at Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit.

I also love to throw stuff away. I get a really good feeling when something runs out and I can toss the container. I love reading books with short chapters. I often read well into a book before I realize I have read it before. I usually go ahead and finish it, since I have gone that far. If I am reading a book and a character is mentioned that has been previously introduced I will go back and find this character and refresh myself. When I watch a movie I have to hear every single word. I will pause and go back if I miss something. I often use closed captions. I store my dvds in alphabetical order. I am certain that a psychologist could analyze all of this.

2)I love food. If you could see me, you would not be surprised by that admission. You may even fear for your own safety. My favorite food is Italian. Nothing is a close second. But I do not like Marinara sauce at all. I prefer wine, white, or clam sauces. My favorite Italian foods are Carbonara and Marsala. I love veal (Sorry PETA). I love all seafood except scallops. I think they taste like ass. My favorite dessert is Crème Brulee.

My least favorite foods are a five way tie: balut, monkey brains, dog, greens, and anything consumed on Fear Factor or Survivor.

3)I love TV, particularly situation comedies. My favorite of all time is Seinfeld followed closely by Frasier and Becker. I can watch reruns of these every day. I often do. Some programs that I watched and loved when they were on but cannot stand reruns of are Married With Children, Mash and Cheers. My favorites of the newer shows are Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, and Rules of Engagement. I love Family Guy and King of the Hill but never Grokked the Simpsons. Somebody gets it as it has been on forever. I prefer Letterman to Leno.

4)I love dogs. I much prefer them to people. I guess I would rather have a creature crap in my floor than lie to me. I don't like cats. I think they are capable of lying to me. I am also allergic to them and once had one pee in my gym bag. That is a smell you will not soon forget. I go all soft over a puppy but could care less about looking at your new born baby. I will leave that chore to womenfolk.

5)I am a water creature. When I travel, any body of water that I see is soothing to me. I immediately think of fishing. I could never live where there are no lakes, streams, or seas.

6)I do not like to get dirty. I cannot stand to get grease, grime, or mud on my hands. That is why I generally have to pay big bucks to have work done on my car. I will call AAA for anything at all. That is a combination of being lazy and not liking to get soiled.

I often look like an outlaw biker but I am a very preppy person. I don't like tattoos (on women) or piercings that are possible to be found by accident (also talking women here). Maybe I should clarify my position on tattoos. One of these tattoos I find acceptable and maybe even sexy. The other tattoo is as appealing as the food at the end of paragraph 2. I will leave you to guess my taste in body art.

So now that you know all about me, I am tagging a few of my blogging friends to do the same. Heather, Lucy, Keith, the original Little Wing, Tumblewords, Paisley, and Robin.