Thursday 13 - Supporting Actors - 3/13/08

This week the subject of my Thursday Thirteen is my favorite actors that are generally in supporting roles but who steal every scene they are in. Although some of them have had leading roles, they are not actors that normally carry a movie as a leading man. Small doses of their talent is all a movie needs. Each one of them fills the screen and makes every motion picture he appears in more enjoyable by his appearance. Some are not household names, but you have seen them many times if you are a movie buff like me. There are others but I had to limit it to 13. I don't make the rules. They are in no particular order:

1) Steve Buscemi

2) Philip Seymour Hoffman

3) Christopher Walken

4) Steve Zahn

5) John Turturro

6) Paul Giamatti

7) Giovanni Ribisi

8) Robert Downey Jr.

9) Joe Pesci

10) John C. Reilly

11) Alan Rickman

12) Gary Oldman

13) Jack Black