Writer's Island - Rising - 3/8/08

Dining at my favorite restaurant
Appetite rising
I saw her across the room
Interest rising

She was beautiful
Libido rising
She was dining alone
Curiosity rising
She smiled at me
Temperature rising

She waved in my direction
My hand rising
She got up and walked toward my table
Blood pressure rising
She passed my table
Questions rising
Her perfume lingered
Sensorium rising
She sat down with the man at the next table
Disappointment rising
I realized she was not smiling and waving at me
Embarrassment rising
She was not my type
Defense Mechanism rising
I found myself alone
Reality rising

Like she was going to be interested in me?
Self-criticism rising
That night she was in my fantasy
Imagination rising

The scenario was totally different
Auto eroticism rising
We were entwined
tumultuous uprising