3 Word Wednesday - Bounce - Mysterious - Parallel - 4/2/08

He woke up and had no idea where he was. This was not an uncommon condition for him ever since he had arrived in Mexico and discovered the glorious numbing effects of the genuine local tequila. The kind with no label and no FDA approval Hell, he doubted Mexico even had an FDA.

The euphoria he enjoyed while imbibing the pungent golden nectar was greatly offset by the inevitable repercussions of the morn. He had gotten used to the aftertaste of what he imagined nuclear fallout would feel like on his tongue. He could also deal with the crippling headache that caused any movement or sound to make him dizzy, nauseous, and embracing suicide.

What he could never get used to is being bounced to a parallel universe where a mysterious and very unattractive senorita appeared next to him in a strange bed.

In the same way that a hiker would avoid disturbing a hibernating bear, he contemplated retrieving his clothes and dignity and making his way out of her lair. He promised himself and God, he would never drink again……..until next time.