Helle Nielsen

Helle Nielsen is a professional bodybuilder. she help with the practical things in her life as well as taking care of her physical training. In the time spent preparing for a contest, she very focused on her own personal requirements in order to achieve a strong competition performance.

her Entry into Bodybuilding was actually pure interest. As a little girl she always thought it was exiting when her father packed his gym bag .
she always wanted to go with him. Sadly, she wasnt allowed. she was too young, only about 10 at the time. Later on, her sister joined a gym, she is physically handicapped and also trains for recreational purposes - but once again she was too young to join her and had to wait until she turned 17.

At that time, a friend invited her to a competition in Powerlifting in a local gym. she was so fascinated by the huge muscles and the poundages these athletes could lift . This was the gym where she started her career and trained for the first 5 years before she moved to Copenhagen.

Height: 5`5
Contest weight: 165
Off-season weight: 180lbs
Age: 30
Born: S√łnderborg, Denmark
Now resides: Copenhagen, Denmark
Began Bodybuilding: 1992
Quads: 27 1/2"
Calves: 17 3/4"
Arms: 17"
Forearms: 12 1/2"
Shoulder-width: 52 1/3"
Back-width: 45 1/3"