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  • cooknwitha
    Sep 11, 03:56 AM
    Is there any way of stopping the rain?

    I love this on the BBC weather page - "Cloudy day but fewer showers." What does that mean?! Fewer showers? Fewer than what!??!

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  • Raska
    Apr 26, 05:47 PM
    That's what they want you to think.

    I called an Apple Store today and asked about them, and the guy basically stammered through a very generic corporate response, definitely seemed like he was hiding information.

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  • DXoverDY
    Nov 13, 08:00 PM
    Hydra;3051385']It appears it may just have fixed it. I just booted into XP and for the first time I got to see the ugly Windows progress bar, I usually got a black screen until the desktop popped up. I had to install XP with an old CRT I had lying around fyi.

    -Jerry C.

    Sweet... i'm going to give it a try here... one last time. I've had enough of these bootcamp issues. I can't even get windows installed on my Mac Pro.. fed up.

    *crosses fingers* here we go.

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  • conch575
    Apr 13, 02:36 AM
    How sad, I could have had that iPad.. Could you imagine being that iPad, being so excited to make someone's life become so awesome, then you get blended... Lucky iPad's don't have feelings, or do they?

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  • R2D2 xx
    Apr 17, 12:03 AM
    I hope they're worrying about getting iPhone5 available to us ASAP. My work just got me the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon and it's NICE and sooo fast. I like using that more than my personal iPhone.

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  • fiercetiger224
    Mar 28, 09:55 AM
    Ooh- burning question - will the Elite 360 be as faulty as current 360's?

    Which is why I'm now reconsidering buying a 360 Elite...If the same components are being used...I'm not getting one. Microsoft needs to get their quality up. It's one thing that Sony has gotten correct this generation. Their console is quiet, reliable, and most of all, full of power and potential. I think the tides are turning for Sony. Looks like I'll be getting a 360 when it drops down to $200...:o

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  • SoGood
    May 4, 04:43 PM
    Must update for the next Bin Laden!

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  • macgeek18
    Mar 7, 02:14 AM
    March already??

    Simple. . . .

    What do you use Alice for? First time I've seen it on another Mac.

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  • voyagerd
    Mar 7, 07:27 PM
    I wish I could get 8GB for my Early but it's probably the memory controller in Intel's chipset limiting it.

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  • ny3ranger
    Apr 12, 01:19 PM
    Yet people are willing to bet a lot of money per share. I didnt think they would go over a hundred bucks a share. They are like 232 now. CRAZY!

    Netflix is too expensive to acquire. No one will purchase them. Netflix's only draw is that it's throw away money. 8 bucks a month is a beer at a bar. Even if the content stinks, you watch two movies and it's worth it.

    That being said, Apple, Google, Amazon, even Redbox are going to wage some serious war during the next few years on Netflix. It could turn into the next Blockbuster and go bankrupt or it could reign supreme with all the goliaths nipping at their heals.

    If I were a company and Apple and Google were my competition I'd probably be a little afraid. One coming at me is scary, two isn't even fair.

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  • Transporteur
    Mar 20, 12:08 PM
    I mean, how much slower is the dual core 2.3 versus the Quad?

    Less than 50% the performance, not that hard to figure out. :p :D

    Single threaded performance is almost the same (2.3 vs. 2.5), the Quad shows its performance in multithreaded apps, though.
    However, even though you might not necessarily run applications that can fully utilise all 4 available cores, I believe that the Quad will do better even in everyday tasks.

    The jump from 2 to 4 cores is definitely noticeable as most people run a lot of apps simultaneously and the 2 additional cores distribute the load.
    A single G5 core gets loaded pretty quick (web browses can easily max out a core, which doesn't leave much room for additional tasks).

    I see your point, though. The LCS is kind of a deal breaker if you're not too tech savvy and can't replace the pumps/hoses.

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  • VAmin
    Oct 14, 01:29 PM Uncle is a head professor of Chemistry at Princeton and he said that he used to use Macs all of the time there back in the day, but no one uses them anymore. I'll be sure to let him hear these statistics:)

    Which professor? I'm majoring in Chem here.

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  • mdntcallr
    Aug 17, 04:50 PM
    Number 3 is the crucial one. If they offer full HD quality (1080P) they can kill off the stupid Blu-ray/HD-DVD format war before it ever starts. They could use it to sell masive amounts of Apple branded HDTV capable Apple Cinema Displays as well as Intel Macs to be HTPCs. They could sell massive amounts of storage as well if they go into the external disk drive business.

    What war? hell Blu-Ray is about to launch ton's of players and PS3.

    my thoughts are Blu-Ray ought to be included in macs asap. so we can buy and burn on them. would love a store to allow me to buy HD movie and even burn it to disc. would take a big pipe. Guess i would need FIOS for that.


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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 11, 12:38 PM
    hmmm never thought of it that way...I still disagree because while my car doesn't get scratches that often from driving, driving and small impacts from stones is very different than getting rubbed on a desk in a bag with keys, etc etc. I would not put a small, painted car part in my bag or on my desk without some sort of protection. Would you? Do you know a lot about clear coats? I'd like to hear more (being serious)

    I don't know more about clear coats besides my personal experience with differing qualities of such on motorcycles and cars. A thick clear coat is quite resilient.

    On the other hand, my Macbook aluminum unibody had the underside scratched a lot from simply rubbing in my bag and on my desk. Bare aluminum is hardly scratch resistant, at least not more than a clear coat.

    And the beauty of the proper clear coat : You can always apply wax to it or a compound which will make it look brand new. Or you can reclear it. Bare aluminum ? Good luck.

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  • rmwebs
    Jul 16, 03:22 AM
    I'm hoping the press confrence is to tell us that Steve's been fired!

    The guy has screwed up big time....but of course (some of) you guys wont agree because you would happily lick his boots!

    The guy needs to be removed - he's done.

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  • MacMan86
    May 4, 06:45 PM
    Good point about the 21.5" teardown, but in fact I would say that I anticipate the 27" teardown photos.

    Good point? I would say it was more like a fundamental point. Anything said before actually seeing the insides of a 27" model is pointless speculation, including me speculating there are 2 controllers/new controller design.

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  • mxptt
    May 5, 08:35 AM
    Now don't quote me on this. but i was told by apple, that the highest they came was 128 GB, because i no i was thinking about doing the same thing.

    here is a 512 GB for sale at newegg

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  • takao
    Mar 28, 02:36 PM
    Yikes. :eek: With those sales numbers, how do they stay in business?

    keep in mind it's only a small 350.000 population market

    i have no idea though ... it is even more funny because i actually know the person who registered that new Chrysler Voyager (he is using for his business).
    if you are interested i can easily post the rest of the numbers

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  • hunkaburningluv
    Apr 19, 06:03 PM
    just a quick note, if you guys have a PS3, buy that version of the game- the PS3 version has steam support and you'll get the windows and mac versions too for free.

    Jun 13, 11:21 PM
    thats sucks, lol. im an employee.

    Apr 28, 12:21 PM
    Oww that's so cute, you actually believe that all those workers in china that work for Apple are there by choice and can just quit and get another job somewhere else. Trust me you would not work in thier conditions.

    They don't work for Apple they work for Foxconn. Please get your facts straight before you chastise someone. The article states Foxconn investigated and called the cops.

    Its obvious you have never worked as a contractor or else you would know these things. The last thing a contractor wants to do is lose their client and will deal with employees who do something that negatively impacts the client.

    "Several online shopping retailers in China were able to sell iPad 2's protective case products before the iPad 2 was even launched, leading Foxconn to suspect that there might have been some employees leaking the design of iPad 2 which it reported to the local police.

    The local police on December 26, arrested three employees that were suspected of leaking the design, and officially charged the three employees for violating the company's trade secrets on March 23, the reported added."

    Apr 12, 11:32 AM
    Really just putting two and two together. What was the one thing the many people liked better about the Zune than the iPod? Zune Pass (subscription-based music downloads). Essentially, just from a technical standpoint, Zune Pass was to music, what Netflix is to movies/tv.

    Apple could indeed be combining the two into a subscription-based music/movie/tv service.

    Apr 11, 08:12 AM
    Now that The Social Network has cemented the idea that biopics don't require the main subject to be deceased, maybe we'll get a Steve Jobs/Apple movie that also covers the post-Pirates-Of-Silicon-Valley era. With an actual budget and acclaimed writers, director and cast! I'm being half tongue-in-cheek, but the geek in me would drool over this. Although, being an optimist, I think there is a lot more fodder to come with Apple and Jobs! Why not interview him in depth now and until his, hopefully a long time from now, passing, and then have the whole story. I guess because he and Apple are peaking.

    I would LOVE to see a movie on how he was fired and then he came back, and how the iPod revolutionalized see all the inner workings of all those deals....behind closed fdoors.

    Apr 12, 10:35 AM
    My fianc�e is protestant, went to a Catholic High School and now teaches in both a Catholic High School and an Islamic k-12 school. When she works in the Islamic school, she wears a scarf covering her head, not out of pressure but for respect for their culture. She also lets her students know that she is Christian, but wants to show them that you should respect other people's culture. Compared with one of her colleagues who brings in Bacon sandwiches and doesn't really care, I think it's a nice outlook to have.

    I don't really like the law being enforced, it should be a choice, but by the same token, it should perhaps be more like the rules in petrol stations and banks with crash helmets, you need to take them off before being served. I don't know what would be right though.

    To be honest, I think it's creepier that your fiancee wears a head scarf than her colleague brings bacon sandwiches. How do we teach children respect for other cultures if they are pandered to? They might well grow up thinking that women of ALL cultures should wear head scarves out of respect for Islam.

    Does her colleague eat bacon sandwiches in front of the kids? Should teachers at Islamic schools be subjected to body searches for things that are forbidden by Islam?

    I really agree that we should show respect to other cultures, but pandering to them does nobody any good.

    I live in a very diverse neighbourhood and I frequently see women in various head scarves. The burka and niqab seem quite antisocial and I find it hypocritical that totally covering one's face like that is accepted but if I walked into these same places with a motorcycle helmet, a balaclava, a mask, etc. I'd be asked to take it off, leave or some other such demonstration of being unwelcome/distrusted. If I said it was part of my religion, would it be accepted?

    I find many Islamic beliefs particularly frustrating because many of the beliefs and or believers are SO inflexible but often expect total flexibility for themselves. I'm fed up with religious beliefs being unchallenged and so quickly accepted simply for being religious. Now in general letting people believe what they want is great policy but I think it can go too far. E.g., cases of women wanting to wear burkas and niqabs in identification photos. Come on! :-/ If I go to Dubai on holiday and bring a codeine painkiller that you can buy over the counter here, I could go to jail ( Or if my husband gives me a little kiss in public, jail ( Yet, hey, come to the UK and do whatever the hell you please and even try to change our laws or litigate ( if you don't get your way. On one hand the UK's openness is wonderful but the other hand is being walked all over.

    I'm very hard of hearing and almost always have to see a person's face in order to understand what they're saying. Women who cover their faces are impossible for me to understand.

    I can't imagine a niqab wearing teacher or any other job where the woman is in contact with the public. At what point does one's religion take preference over basic human interaction? Niqab wearing women should not be awarded any protections because of their refusal to integrate. Whose rights take precedence?

    Here in the US, a lot of immigrants also believe in exceptionalism when it comes to respecting laws and customs. Part of the solution is not allowing tidal waves of immigration, rather small trickles over time. Those tsunamis end up creating ghettoes and that benefits nobody.