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  • Hunabku
    Apr 13, 04:29 PM
    I hope it works out for you, I just think you may be affected by a bit of a reality distortion field and your actual user experience may differ from your imaginary scenario.

    And you must be totally void of imagination and creative intelligence. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why you hate apple.

    Let me guess your an engineer type - who loves specs and rarely has a unique thought of your own.

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 17, 11:03 AM
    I'm tempted to go ahead and get rid of my current 512MB shuffle and get this one when it comes out. It's so darned cute.

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  • brymaster
    Apr 27, 09:18 PM
    why are you bugging him about this crap All Things Digital?

    Because privacy is important, you ****ing idiot.

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  • charlituna
    Apr 12, 03:14 PM
    First the iPad is coming out with 2 revisions in then only one revision, then the iPhone5 is not coming out in June 2011 but in September then it is coming out again in June and then it is not coming out at all in 2011. Tell you what, I will believe it when I see it.

    Exactly. Until Apple says it, it is all rumor. Maybe some are better guesses than others, but they are still guesses. Perhaps at one point they were partly true (like Apple doing prototypes of ipod touches with cameras way before they released them) but things change. THIS is why Apple doesn't talk about their ideas. They only talk when someone is a done deal, tested and ready to release.

    In regards to the rumors, I don't see Apple shifting too far off their current pattern of one major release in each of Q2, Q3 and Q4 (Q1 is covered by holiday sales). That way they have high sales to help bolster their earnings reports and thus their stock values. Once the value drops it is harder to recover than just keeping it more or less high all the time.

    Now is it possible that they would shift what falls in each quarter, perhaps or perhaps not.

    Right now the carriers aren't really ready with LTE and the vendors aren't ready with NFC and these are the two big possibles for new iphone hardware. They are apparently already shipping the iphone 4 with a dual chip so that wouldn't really be an 'iphone 5' issue. So might they skip the baby steps of an iphone 4s and not do hardware. Sure they might. and then perhaps release the next iphone in Spring 2010 as their Q2 and shift the ipad to Q3, perhaps even including it in the whole Back to School promo to help push it into the school setting.

    The talk supporting an ipad 3 in the fall could be a mis read on orders by Apple for parts to test possible set ups for next years ipad 3. Nothing more or less.

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  • Consultant
    Mar 29, 10:01 AM
    Maybe Nokia needs to change its slogan from "connecting people" to "suing Apple"

    Or perhaps Nokia should create the next great thing instead of following Apple's footsteps? Oh that's right, they are now a Microsoft puppet OEM.

    Nokia should focus on getting those windows mobile phones out on the market. Their dying smartphone market share has made them sink low.


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  • wordoflife
    Apr 11, 10:14 PM
    I didn't expect Apple to release another iPad so soon.

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  • BornAgainMac
    Apr 26, 12:20 PM
    Apple will sell hundreds of these this quarter. :p

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  • WhySoSerious
    May 4, 12:43 PM
    ugh...these frequent updates are great and all, but i hate waiting for the jb to come out.

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  • SactoGuy18
    Apr 5, 07:14 AM
    I hate to rain on your parade, folks.

    No thanks to the recent earthquake in Japan, I think it's VERY possible Apple will delay the retail arrival of the iPhone 5 because several critical parts that come from Japan for the new iPhone 5 are not longer available due to electronics and electronics parts factories in the Sendai area not operating due to earthquake/tsunami damage and lack of power in the area. I wouldn't be surprised right now that Apple is scrambling to get alternative parts suppliers. As such, the early fall release date of the iPhone now makes more sense. Also, by early fall Apple will have lined up new suppliers to make all the parts for the iPhone 5.

    It also means Apple will be under less pressure to get iOS 5.0 out the door; Apple will have maybe two more months of development time to "polish" iOS 5.0 so it will be a great operating system. :)

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  • torbjoern
    Mar 16, 05:24 AM
    PS. I didn't see USA right at the top the chart at first. Maybe a big arrow to point it out. Anyway, how is Finland and Sweden etc healthier than Australia and Greece, do they not get more colds and flus than we in warmer countries?

    Colds and flus are caused by bacterias and virii, not only by temperature. I'm used to -15 to -20 Celsius (0 Fahrenheit) in winter but I don't even have a cold every winter. Besides, there is good public healthcare in those countries. Food is also cheap (compared to income level) in Finland and Sweden, and that includes healthy food.

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  • AppliedVisual
    Nov 13, 05:56 PM
    Why on earth does anyone care about such a trivial matter?
    What difference does some actors presence within an Ad make?

    None really... If Apple were to switch it all up tomorrow and replace Justin and John with two different actors, it would all work just fine. The only real catch is that their replacements better do just as good of a job or better. And that catch is bigger than one might think... Apple is willing to pay a lot of money to keep these guys doing this because it works. As soon as they try it with someone else, they're taking a gamble and would probably feel more comfortable changing the whole ad campaign if it involves new actors... And I don't think they're ready to do that just yet. They'll milk this one for all it's worth.

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  • Lanman
    Sep 12, 12:05 PM
    I just heard the CNBC comment as well.

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  • BigPrince
    Jan 2, 09:17 PM
    Poconos. I am conservative, but could not bring myself to vote for our conservative canadidates, but I did not want to support the democratic opposition, so I did not vote. Might of not been the smartest thing to do, but I'm young.

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  • kdarling
    Mar 30, 07:15 AM
    It did not go unnoticed to me that Apple is suing one cell phone related company and Nokia is suing SEVEN!

    Apple is suing over smartphone details, and has comparatively little to sue over.

    Nokia helped invent the basic cell phone. Huge difference.

    No one could make a GSM phone without Nokia's patents.

    Kodak is suing FIVE!
    And FOUR companies are suing Apple and HTC hasn't even countersued Apple! RIM is suing TWO!

    What do the most suing companies have in common?


    What else do they have in common? They're pioneers of the industry. They invented the very basic technology everyone else uses, not just the fluff on top. They heavily invested in the early days, while newcomers like Apple reap the benefits.

    Apple is more popular right now partly because they had no legacy phones to stay compatible with, and could start with a blank UI and hardware slate. They skipped the hard parts. Doesn't mean they might not have to pay up for the privilege.

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  • MyLeftNut
    Aug 7, 09:55 PM
    I agree Bwhaler,

    Moreover, I have had a brush with serious illness and knowing that Steve would be doing as much as he can to ensure his health, I hope he is just being pedantic about his diet. Grazing diets as you might call them usually restrict calories in some form or another and this is part of a long term plan to give the body time to recover without being stressed. Even though he is vegetarian, it doesnt mean he should be eating Tacos and icecream...bad move.

    Heres to hoping.


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  • NebulaClash
    Apr 27, 03:37 PM
    Great post. Just one thing (or maybe 2?)

    I never said I didn't like what Apple has done or that the technology isn't great.

    What I was stating is that Apple, along with other companies contribute to the dumbing down of society. And then put themselves in a position to speak down to you (ie today's quote by Steve Jobs) about educating the customer.

    I don't pretend to have all the answers. One of my majors was in Speech Communications. There's a lot of validity to professionals using language to subjugate and/or exclude other members of society in conversation. The language doctors, lawyers, auto mechanics, you name it all have their own vocabulary which excludes the average person. This also adds "mystique" and credence to the information they state.

    So when I say that Apple and other companies are contributing to the dumbing down of society - I say that without prejudice or judgment - but merely a statement of fact. And pretty incontrovertible at that.

    OK, from a rhetoric perspective you have a good point. I was addressing the persepective of our tools, not the way we are spoken to.

    I see the dumbing down of society too, and I hate it. As for what Steve said, well, he always did view all of us as either heros or losers, so this way of viewing people is not new with him :)

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  • zoetropeuk
    Oct 13, 03:37 AM
    This entire thread breaks the NDA developers agree to when paying their membership. It's pathetic that some developers would do this just so they can feel cool by leaking the info. If you want access to the seeds or up-to-date info then pay the $500 (minimum) like the honest developers have to :mad:

    From Apples agreement:

    "Pre-release software is Apple Confidential information. Unauthorized distribution of pre-release software or disclosure of information relating to pre-release software (including the distribution of screen shots) may result in immediate termination of your ADC membership, and may subject you to both civil and criminal liability."

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  • crees!
    Sep 12, 12:03 PM
    CNBC just CONFIRMED a Wireless Streaming Device!
    I take you're getting this is off the television?

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  • Orlandorealtor
    Jul 16, 12:41 PM
    Now, how many believe Mr. Jobs and will keep buying a phone that works so poorly?

    Have had no problems with mine yet :)

    Apr 28, 02:31 PM
    I would even pay for this, but no more than $10 for home state then pay $5 for each extra city/state so you buy what you need rather than get everything. Means you can travel the world and pay $5 for each destination city rather than paying $30 a day for a sat nav from Avis/Hertz etc
    I understand where you are coming from, but many of the apps already offer this via in-app purchase, and it's generally $10-20 for the entire USA or a continent. Your prices would be too high to me.

    Apr 6, 07:33 AM
    waiting for it, my 3G is getting old

    haha - same here! altho i probably cant afford the iphone when it comes out

    Mar 17, 05:09 PM
    Adults that can survive on their own.


    No one got anywhere without the support of someone, (family, friends, society, etc...)

    Matthew Yohe
    Apr 4, 11:11 PM
    What do Korean's know that the rest of the world don't?


    Oct 18, 02:58 PM
    My thougth is that the Apple intro will take the wind out of the Zune's press releases. So, how about 6G iPod introduction date = Zune Intro date + 7 days.


    7 days would be a strange amount of time to wait. Zune is released on the 14th of November. 7 days later, it will have already gotten all the press it's going to get. Releasing the day before, the same day, or even a day after would make a lot more sense. 14th is a Tuesday, so I say the same day, if at all (I think it's more likely we'll see it next year).