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  • wordmunger
    Nov 13, 01:10 PM
    Just one word, Justin:


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  • PBF
    Apr 12, 01:22 AM
    In a related story the sky is still blue.
    You mean the ozone layer still is, right? 'Cause the sky has no colour.

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  • macquariumguy
    Dec 1, 11:24 AM
    Hopefully it'll fail hard and GM will be forced to design a proper EV and not just another hybrid.

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  • Eye4Desyn
    Apr 12, 11:54 AM
    This could work if:

    1. :apple: sets subscription pricing model equal to or better than Netflix


    2. :apple: service can/will stream newly released titles where Netflix currently issues blu-ray and dvd formats

    That said, physical media is a problem as I've received (on occasion) Netflix DVDs in the mail that were cracked or scratched beyond belief and had to call customer service and have them dispatch immediately an unscathed replacement. Not to mention this could largely offset iTunes movie rental revenues. But my guess is that if said service is indeed what :apple: has planned, it would make sense that it would supercede iTunes movie rentals altogether. For sure, this would spur Apple TV2 sales.

    If any of the above isn't true, then I'm sticking to Netflix.

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  • snberk103
    Aug 3, 07:07 PM
    Pender Island Porter, just for the record......

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  • CaptainChunk
    May 1, 11:25 PM
    All the MP's are made in China (Hon Hai Precision, aka Foxconn, is the ODM supplier to Apple for the MP - the actual production and assembly work is done in Shenzen, though the company is headquartered in Taiwan).

    I'm not so sure about that one, unless it's changed in recent years. My 2008 MP (stock 8-core 2.8, bought right off the shelf) was assembled in the USA, according to the decal on the bottom.

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  • naths
    Apr 27, 03:12 AM
    Yep it does look like the R1,also the car is obviously idling,thats a rev counter,diesel to lol,and no brake lights as he's in neutral,as previous poster said 99.9% of cars in europe are manual....

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  • hulugu
    Jul 14, 11:26 PM
    How is magnesium going to prevent the screen from being scratched? I could care less what the ipod is made out of. The only thing I care about is how is Apple going to prevent the screen from being scratched. Apple should do what Nokia has done for the Nokia 8801 cell phone, and use a saphire crystal (Or hell if Apple wants to go cheaper then use a mineral cyrstal) for the iPod screen. This will prevent scratches completly. The only draw back with saphire is that it will chip, but keep in mind watch makers uses saphire and mineral crystal all the time on GOOD watches. These watches are used daily like an iPod and people hardly drop them hard enough or bang them hard enough to chip them. Hell I bang my watch really hard sometimes (on accident) and just expect to see a chip, when I look down my watch is perfectly fine, no scratches or chips, and I have had it for over two years.

    just my thoughts

    Well, it might be a problem of cost since the Nokia 8801 is around $500+. There might be a problem of manufacture, cost, and readability of LCDs through crystal. Or Apple may not think is necessary.

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  • alent1234
    Apr 4, 01:03 PM
    Well, it looks like google won the smartphone battles. I kinda thought it would happen, just nowhere near this fast.

    We'll have to see if they can spin android success into tablet success, too. I wouldn't be surprised.

    google didn't win, they just commoditized the smartphone market like intel/ms/dell/hp commoditized the PC market so long ago

    with iOS 4 and Android 2.2 the software can do pretty much what most people expect of a smartphone. no reason to pay iphone prices for a phone since companies that don't care about margins are now getting into the game. happens in almost every market.

    with the iPad apple has such huge sell numbers that they can take advantage to sell cheap. with smartphones the carriers and manufacturers play games where the profit is made on google ad sharing, insurance, etc

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 29, 10:24 AM
    Maybe, when you rank the individual product models. But when you rank the underlying platforms, iOS is no longer leading the pack. Android has taken over the lead and that was to be expected, because Google did the smart thing: Divide and rule. Everybody can build Android gadgets, but only Apple builds iOS devices. And the systems that everybody can use have ALWAYS dominated the market. Just remember Windows vs Mac OS or VHS vs Betamax and Video 2000.

    Winni... you're right, it is a totally different business model between Apple and Google when it comes to cell phones. And given that LG, HTC, Moto and others were failing miserably at doing their own OS it made sense for them to migrate to Android. Just the pure numbers say that Android is going to be a major player in the smart phone market.

    However, that does not mean that iOS will not continue to thrive and grow either. As you can see by the numbers... it's a HUGE and growing market. Given that Apple's model makes them very profitable, I'm sure they are very happy with where they are at and the growth they are seeing.

    I really hate this stupid iOS vs Android comparison. Android or iOS will never own the total market and one will not destroy the other. I just don't see that happening unless one of them takes their eye off the ball. Right now, that does not appear to be Apple. They seem to know what they're doing based on the numbers.

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  • xPismo
    Oct 14, 05:09 PM
    But nearly 50% of the students use Mac's in a few years time it could be 50% of students at UK universities, which is a huge deal, after that it could be 50% of computers :eek:, especially given the rate Apple's improving their OS.

    Good to see, go Apple. I foresee a change in the post production world with all the Final Cut Pro users in college right now... no doubt this same effect can happen in other industries when students start using Apple products.

    End of line.

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  • nagromme
    Aug 2, 03:23 PM
    No Woodcrest arcoss the board in the Mac Pros? BOO HOO!!! I hope the new monitor rumor is true. I am eyeing up a nice 23" monitor to go along with my new (Woodcrest based?) Mac Pro.
    What's wrong with having lower/middle-cost Mac Pros, as long as we ALSO get the Woodcrest you dream of? (And me... but with Kentsfield due this year now--quads-on-one-chip--I may just wait for that.)

    All these rumors sound good to me--I hope even half of them are true (even if they happen later than WWDC).

    I want to see revolutionary, fricken awsome, Vista-crushing, earth shaking features, a totally revamped and polished GUI, Enterprise features, etc. Come on Apple! Don't dissapoint me!
    Earth-shaking revolutions are fun--I'd love that too--but you can't count on that, and OS X is a great OS already. I always seem to appreciate each release's hundred LITTLE improvements most of all.

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  • Cave Man
    Apr 29, 10:04 AM
    Anyone see it last night? First segment on the Gizmodo report:

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  • brodie
    Apr 29, 01:08 PM
    Trust Jon Stewart to get some perspective on this.

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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 29, 09:41 PM
    haha, that was great, could not stop laughing and going after AT&T was perfect, forget driving call drops, how about walk call drops.

    And the Drama continues. Now we just need jobs talking about the issue, and we have a full blow move made for tv. :eek:

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  • ptysell
    Apr 21, 04:15 PM
    Just got this in my inbox:

    Comcast just decided that internet usage really shouldn't comprise of anything more than 2,3 emails a day MAX. I mean, come on people. There isn't that much legitimate content on the net, so if you're consuming any more than 2-3 mb per data a day with your fat 100/100 Mbps DOCSIS 3 pipe then you're probably a pirate. Infact, you are a pirate. No debate.

    Effective immediately all data transfer is limited to 5 Mb daily with a $50 per kb overage, no cap. These caps do not count against content retrieved from . We're just sayin!


    LOL, thats funny.

    The average household uses 6GB per month on Comcast.

    You would have to use 40 times the average monthly data use to even approach a Comcast cap.
    (And yes, all data transfer including that from counts against your cap)

    You guys act like the majority of people using the internet use significant amount of data. That is simply not the case. If you want to purchase more throughput to support your excessive use, nothing is stopping you.

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  • doctoree
    Apr 6, 08:56 AM
    uuuu, thos blenders look ugly. They should hire Jonny Ive :)

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  • Compile 'em all
    Jul 15, 07:06 PM
    Steve will introduce the Soup Man as the Arbiter of the iPhone:

    You want signal?


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  • sachamun
    Oct 21, 04:43 AM
    There seem to be alot of interesting options as far as the live previews go (personally I like the animated thumbs idea, but perhaps on mouse-over only...this could even be implemented with audio files - previewing the start, middle and end in short bursts perhaps). Hopefully whatever is implemented will be customizable by users, especially those on older machines who may not have the graphics bandwidth to deal with the new innovations.

    Bringing me to my question: has anyone personally seen how vista's live previews and 'flip' etc. are performing on older machines?

    Mar 22, 12:08 AM
    That was the PCie x1900 (cut down version of the x1900xt available for the intel mac pro) as it only had 256mb ram.. iam not too sure how much further it was cut down, iam thinking it also had less pipelines than the MP version.

    How is the x1900 better than those two? I am not looking for the best video card for a G5 Quad.. as I was pretty satisfied with the geforce 6800 256MB video card. Is the x1900 just as powerful, or is it similar to the Radeon 1900 XT from 2006 mac pro?

    Sep 12, 04:30 PM
    Somebody told me the old shuffle automatically converted songs into 128kbs AAC while you are adding it to the shuffle, even if they were of a much higher bitrate or saved in another format. I wonder if the new one does the same thing. It would be nice to keep my songs ALAC on my harddisk without wasting too much memory when I add it to the shuffle, where sound quality does not matter much.

    The feature is part of iTunes, so I'm sure it's still there.

    My new iPod Shuffle is not going to ship until the end of October No.....:mad:

    Why are you mad? That's what they announced, shipping October.

    Apr 4, 04:41 PM
    This entire scenario is playing out like Windows / MacOS part 2 -- the vertically integrated MacOS (hardware + OS coming from same source) is beaten into obscurity by the OS that is available on a multitude of devices from many different manufacturers.

    Every percentage point that Android ticks higher -- every million more Android customers that sign on due to BOGOs and heavily subsidized phones -- makes their customer base the more enticing one to develop for.

    This type of competition won't keep Apple "honest and innovative" -- it'll just lead to what we saw before in the 80s and 90s: top software going to the competing platform with Apple grabbing at scraps.

    True... In theory. The difference this time around is that despite the larger, and growing, market share study after study has shown that statistically, android users dont buy apps and iOS users buy lots of apps. So the reality is there is a slightly larger market share where developers don't make squat, and a slightly smaller market share where developers have already earned over 2 billion dollars

    Oct 19, 10:05 PM
    well, to call this a zune killer may be over kill :D

    Oct 25, 11:03 AM
    They also added a chat room while you configuring a system that lets you chat with a apple rep. Really neat.