discovering my other self.

Exams'' ovahhhhhh homey!

Yet, I didn't get to post up as often as I could eh? ahha. No fret loved ones, its solely because I was busy partaying all night long right after my exams!

So anyway, since I had more time on my sleeves to socialize around, I do meet alot of em. Guys mostly and this really hot hot girl. So heres a story about me and a hot girl.

I do hope you guys are ready for what I have installed on this post because ya'll would be in for a mind blasting life shocking experiences. At least some of you.

See, the other night while partaying, I met this gorgeous girl. A canadian. A really hot canadian. Lets call her K. Apparently she claims to be a local celebrity. Anyway, halfway thru the night, we were all high and tipsy, well, I was definitely HIGH AND TIPSY. not too sure about her though.

K walked behind me, brushed her arms behind my back, touched me on my arms, slowly working her sexy gaze way up to my pair of eyes and caught em there. She moved in towards me and whispered in my ear that I should totally kiss her.

I went like from "WOW! wtf, this gorgeous girl is attracted to me and wants to kiss me like for real! to "Holy cow, she's serious!"

................... and I went for it! *gasp* *woot* *shucks*

Lemme assure you that I am never never ever tempted to kissing a girl on her lips. NEVER. (tho at times I do find myself checking out hot girls) but kissing them on their lips. gee.

Here's the catch.

I find the kiss absolutely delicious, yummy and oh god hell yeah motherf***** amazing! like oh gawd, she's a BOMB.

A couple of minutes after that, I slapped my forehead and stared at my date. Oh hey, I went there with a date. and my date is a GUY. =.=

 He patted me on the back and said great job girl. (i bet you he enjoyed the moment of me kissing that girl. All guys do!)

And then, only THEN, it hit me. I knew instantly I was a tad attracted to her. OH MY GOD, right!!!

so yeah, im still OMG-ing! and wtf happened! and aww, I ruddy miss her already.

 And hey people, im not lesbo. I think?

 I still adore really really hot guys.

 hmm, prolly a BI? FML.