nathan scott quotes

nathan scott quotes

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nathan scott quotes nathan scott quotes nathan scott quotes

Liberty and democracy become unholy when their hands are dyed red with innocent blood. ~Gandhi, Non-violence in Peace and War, 1948

A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life. ~Author Unknown

An inability to stay quiet is one of the most conspicuous failings of mankind. ~Walter Bagehot

I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life. ~Abraham Lincoln

The man with a toothache thinks everyone happy whose teeth are sound. ~George Bernard Shaw

Apologizing - a very desperate habit - one that is rarely cured. Apology is only egotism wrong side out. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., The Professor at the Breakfast-Table

I have a "carpe diem" mug and, truthfully, at six in the morning the words do not make me want to seize the day. They make me want to slap a dead poet. ~Joanne Sherman

I like the word "indolence." It makes my laziness seem classy. ~Bern Williams

You and I are not what we eat; we are what we think. ~Walter Anderson, The Confidence Course, 1997

Trigonometry is a sine of the times. ~Author Unknown

It is wise to keep in mind that no success or failure is necessarily final. ~Author Unknown

From a programmer's point of view, the user is a peripheral that types when you issue a read request. ~Peter Williams

A man's age is something impressive, it sums up his life: maturity reached slowly and against many obstacles, illnesses cured, griefs and despairs overcome, and unconscious risks taken; maturity formed through so many desires, hopes, regrets, forgotten things, loves. A man's age represents a fine cargo of experiences and memories. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Wartime Writings 1939-1944, translated from French by Norah Purcell

If God wanted us to be brave, why did He give us legs? ~Marvin Kitman

What a folly to dread the thought of throwing away life at once, and yet have no regard to throwing it away by parcels and piecemeal. ~John Howe

Never, never, never give up. ~Winston Churchill

I'm an incorrigible punster. Do not incorrige me. ~Author Unknown (Thanks, Bob)

There is a good reason they call these ceremonies "commencement exercises." Graduation is not the end; it's the beginning. ~Orrin Hatch

If men could regard the events of their own lives with more open minds, they would frequently discover that they did not really desire the things they failed to obtain. ~Andre Maurois

All who would win joy, must share it; happiness was born a twin. ~Lord Byron