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  • KnightWRX
    Mar 27, 09:45 AM
    As so many other posters, the fact is that you have no idea what transpired. The driver is prima facie guilty of attempted murder. Nothing more needs to be said. I do not understand the number of otherwise reasonable people here who are blaming the victim.

    Then get out of the thread is nothing more is to be said. However...

    Both should be thrown in jail and left to rot. Unfortunately there's no law against stupid so only the guy will get his day in court.

    Modern society as done away with the concept of personal responsibility in such a bad way that now people like Skunk and others are just saying "victim" instead of calling it like it is : Lack of judgment. You don't jump on the hood of the car of a man/woman trying to leave in anger. At that point, all bets are off and if you do think you're going to manage to stop him you're an idiot and you deserve the bodily harm you suffer if any.

    That doesn't excuse the person who will harm you, but it shouldn't excuse you from putting yourself in such a dangerous situation either.

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  • TuffLuffJimmy
    Mar 25, 08:15 PM
    She may, or may not, have exercised poor judgement. We do not know. We don't know if jumping on the hood of a car with your pissed off husband in the driver's seat is poor judgement? Come now, skunk. Be honest. I understand that you think the wife shouldn't be given any legal charges, this much I agree with, but don't tell me we don't know if she used poor judgement.
    He, definitely and 100%, was a homicidal tool. We do know that. He admitted as much. Cool. I never argued that wasn't so.
    Only one person is guilty.Of what exactly? You seem to be arguing two different discussions and argue with ambiguity.

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  • The.316
    Mar 6, 01:48 PM
    Mine :D

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  • Lixivial
    Nov 13, 07:09 PM
    So who'll be the first to report "Safari seems snappier"? :rolleyes:

    Uh, of course Safari doesn't feel snappier. :rolleyes: Internet Explorer 7 feels snappier now. Come on.

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  • blackpond
    Apr 13, 03:37 PM
    If Apple thought this product was actually a big leap, they wouldn't have to announce it in front of a group of fans. I would have like to see them demo the software at the editors guild or have some editors who have used it.

    Im sure it will be a great consumer product, but so far there is nothing to say that it is revolutionary or that it's even a good choice for content creation.

    Exactly. Because no professional would be shooting in 4k. That's for soccer moms and trolls.

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  • pcbyday
    Jun 23, 02:22 PM
    My Best Buy (Kansas City, MO) got 5 phones in. I'm number #1 & #5 on the list, both 32gb black.

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  • lordonuthin
    Aug 28, 12:36 PM
    here's what i use on my 465

    -gpu 0 -forcegpu nvidia_fermi -verbosity 9 -local

    Only one gpu in this system so -gpu 0 isn't necessary. I was thinking I saw that I didn't need to set -forcegpu nvidia_fermi and it is working fine just not as fast as I would like though wu's are going through in about an hour, -verbosity 9, meh, and -local, I don't know if that does anything with gpu clients?

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  • SMM
    Oct 25, 05:38 PM
    As of right now, you cannot buy one for $159 each. Read the page: it says "currently unavailable."

    I have caught Fry's doing this four time just since their site opened. In the store, they will advertise some great deal, but you have to be a trained investigator to find it. They will hide the sale item around many higher-priced similar items with visual 'hooks'. There is no pointer to the sale item. You almost have to read the number and match it to the product. Often, there will not be any available and you must ask for them. On the website, they have a disclaimer, 'subject to prior sale'. I have yet to find one of the items I am looking for 'not sold out'. It is just short of being shady. But, if you are patient and pay attention, you can find some good deals there.

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  • 7o7munoz7o7
    Apr 27, 10:30 AM
    Garmin/Tomtom and co should be scared.

    but TomTom has Homer on their side now!!

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  • Snowy_River
    Oct 18, 02:29 PM
    Could you imagine...

    This device is a stand-alone video player, but is also designed to wirelessly partner to the iTV. When it is connected to the iTV, the iPod itself could work simply as a remote control, displaying all the appropriate controls on its screen to allow you to fast forward, rewind, pause, etc.

    Now that would be cool!

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  • JGowan
    Oct 18, 09:40 PM
    I believe actually that we're about to see not a replacement for the existing iPod but more of an iPod Pro. They won't call it that but it will the newest in the lineup, with the current 5.5G iPod continuing selling.

    I see Apple continuing selling the current version for $249 and $349 and then offering this bigger brother for $449 and would come with the screen the full length of the iPod as we have seen countless mockups. Would it have more than an 80GB drive? Possibly. But I think we'll just see one model with the bigger screen and it might have a bigger hard drive.

    I would bet, though, that Apple does not get rid of what's been working for them. The 5.5G is safe... for now.

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  • Stridder44
    Aug 3, 10:10 AM
    Why not just link the picture instead of link after link after link?

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  • na1577
    Apr 11, 10:42 PM
    I think given the slip of the iPhone 5, it wouldn't be possible to ship that many new products at the same time. iPhone, iPod, and iPad all in the fall? I don't think so.

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  • Kingsly
    Dec 24, 02:21 AM
    Okay, I just signed up for the free Exhibit Hall pass. I'd also be willing to help coordinate a meet-up. I'm still not sure what my schedule will be like then and how much I'll be able to attend, but count me in!

    I'm down for a meet-up. I am about 90% sure I'm going... the thing is I have to be back to LAX on the 13th for my flight to tokyo. :D

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  • SpookTheHamster
    Sep 12, 12:26 PM
    Argh, 60 seconds is too long to wait! I want to seeeee them!

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  • torbjoern
    May 1, 03:56 PM
    You know nothing of this country and yet you keep posting your ridiculous views on what happens here.
    I think I possess the necessary knowledge about the USA in order to qualify for writing in this thread.
    Perhaps you could describe how your country is being detrimentally ruled by Brussels. What are they doing to your country that you find so harmful?
    They give the big corporations influence on how my country is to be governed. Like in a plutocracy. The last thing they did to my country was imposing a Data Retention Directive on us. Albeit not totally equivalent to the Patriot Act, it opens up for surveillance of private internet and telephone communication. Not only by the police and the government, but also private organisations. Poland experiences more surveillance now than they did under communism 20 years ago, btw. The people's rights to privacy (which is an essential part of their right to freedom) has been sold for 30 pieces of silver.

    Oh, and I forgot about the excuse they have made for the directive. The reason is the danger of serious crime and terrorism, which necessarily will be the result of their own sloppy border-control and ditto policies related to immigration (esp illegal imm.). Anyone who has opposed the way illegal immigrants are being handled, has been labeled "racist".

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  • alph45
    Apr 13, 10:46 AM
    Since FCP will be editing everything natively (and I assume that means all sorts of AVCHD files), ironically that means many of us won't need the super high speed Thunderbolt drives.

    AVCHD files top out at 24 Mbps (or thereabouts), and since this is around the bitrate of DV, ye olde FW800 drives should be fine for external storage. Internal storage should be fine - 10 hours of footage will only take 130 GB or so.

    i don't really see TB as a need (atm) for faster transport speeds, i see it as a "hub" that can take any external devise and send it down the same pipe, eventually eliminating usb 2/3, esata, firewire. of course this magic breakout box i speak of doesn't exist yet :)

    my pocket drive has firewire, usb and esata connects. remove all for a TB, cost goes down.

    opens the door for uncompressed or "less compressed" video formats, more color space, etc.

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  • kalsta
    Apr 10, 10:34 PM
    I don't happen to think Apple is anything like the Microsoft of the 90's. MOT90's had a legal near monopoly in desktop operating systems due to network effects, and used that to expand into: office suites; browsers; enterprise support; a variety of other things (Xbox, Zune, etc.). Their focus was on expanding sales and controlling markets.

    Apple is run by a guy who wants to make beautiful products, who is willing to lock down those products so they work the way he, not you, want.

    I tend to agree� although it seems sadly inevitable that people in a position of dominance, be it in business or politics, start to fear the loss of power and influence, and do what they can to hold onto it. Jobs has had many successes over the years, but never anything like what Apple is currently experiencing with iOS devices, and you have to wonder what the psychological effects of that are. I like to think it's still all about creating 'insanely great' products, but� I don't know.

    Anyway, I'm still a great admirer of the man and will look forward to reading this book.

    "i, Steve" would have been better.

    I thought the same thing. Just that, in a small innocuous typeface, and an arty shot of him partly lit against a simple black background, would suit his minimalistic design sensibilities one would have thought. At least that's how I would design it if it were me.

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  • jeff1977
    Apr 11, 12:08 AM
    that patent was a joke dude lol.

    Yeah, helloooo?! He knows that. That's why he specifically referenced the MacBook Wheel parody.

    Thomas Veil
    Mar 16, 07:18 AM
    Only tangentially related to our different cultures, but this does fit better here than anywhere else.

    I was driving somewhere the other day, and I heard this in a radio commercial:

    Do ugly brown spots on your hands feel like the end of the world?I got very dark. And thought, "No, ugly brown spots on your hands do not feel like the end of the world. You know what feels like the end of the world?

    "An earthquake followed by a tsunami followed by a nuclear meltdown. That's what feels like the end of the world!"

    ****in' morons. :mad:

    the Helix
    Apr 10, 04:22 AM
    80% of the posters in this thread should hand in their man card.

    They never had one to begin with!


    Sep 12, 11:29 AM
    Just checking , thanks guys for the followup on that url.

    Nov 13, 10:14 PM
    All good here.

    Beep was slightly scary. They shoudl really mention that in the popup steps.

    Apple OC
    May 1, 04:14 PM
    Here is Princeton's definition of an empire.

    Image (

    Kind of looks like America is an empire, doesn't it? America has a military presence all around the world. That's like Rome who had a military presence all around the then known world. At the beginning of 2000, America was so powerful and had so much money under Bill Clinton's control, that if it wanted to, they could have taken over the whole world.

    America is not an empire in the sense of Rome ... They may be vocal on democracy for other nations but they are not looking to conquer other countries and take them under American rule ... America does not wish to take over the world.