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  • nevir
    Oct 14, 11:21 AM
    It's the same here at the University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign, particularly in the computer science department. Powerbooks, MacBooks and MBP's everywhere :) - and while I heard a lot of Mac hate, even from myself, a few years ago - that's almost completely evaporated.

    We also just got a second (well a real) Apple Store/resaler - and for only being a 10x10' store, I rarley see less than 4-5 people in there browsing.

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  • ZipZap
    Apr 15, 08:44 AM
    Same here.... In fact, they can confiscate it and in some cases keep it!

    BBBBBBSSSSSSSS, they cant keep anything.

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  • Cheerwino
    Apr 26, 12:30 PM
    I'm holding out for the beige.

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  • sherlockaled
    Mar 6, 07:18 PM
    Dude! That's sick! Link to original pls?
    here you go :)

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  • milbournosphere
    Apr 10, 07:54 PM
    +1 for the awesome title.

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  • iMacZealot
    Nov 2, 11:43 PM
    hehe Paleolithic :)

    You know several people in North Carolina with local numbers?

    Yes SunCom has an agreement with T-Mobile. SunCom also has an agreement with Cingular, actually when Cingular bought AT&T, Cingular had to divest themselves from alot of markets in North Carolina and these customers were turned over to SunCom. SunCom promptly required every ex-Cingular customer to resign their contracts and purchase new phones. It was a huge stink, all over the news for weeks.

    But the agreement would not help in this situation. Since T-Mobile does not have local numbers here, one would have to go with SunCom as there are no local numbers for T-Mobile. In our area Cingular actually leases their block of numbers from Sprint.

    Any company you decide to have cellular service with has to offer local numbers in order to use them. US Cellular is similar as they only offer local numbers for the very western part of the state.

    The absolute best way to see where the towers are that your cellular provider owns (thus provides local numbers for) is to look at the coverage map for their prepaid service. Most providers only allow the use of prepaid phones on their "owned" networks and charge you for use on other networks.

    I worked for Alltel for 3 years and am currently the Market Director for another national CDMA carrier. In my 15 years in the cellular industry, it constantly amazes me that there is cellular service in the US at all. The spectrum (A side and B side radio frequencies) ownership is so fragmented across the US that it is almost impossible to know who owns what, where!

    I understand the local numbers thing, but just because North Carolina doesn't get local numbers doesn't mean T-Mobile isn't a real, national carrier.

    North Carolina sounds funny when it comes to cell phones. I like Suncom's phone selection a lot better than anyone else's, and it sounds like SunCom's the only way to go out there. Here in Colorado, CDMA dominates, but T-Mobile has a big presence here, too. Cingular is nearly non-existent.

    That AT&T thing sounds awful. Did a lawsuit occur in that? Also, I think Cingular's numbers are leased in a lot of places. In case you haven't used the reverse phone lookup on whitepages.com, it will tell you who the service provider is, but everytime I look up the two people I know with Cingular, it comes up saying Blue Licenses Holding, Llc or Routt County Wireless (which isn't a local carrier nor is Denver in Routt County.)

    Yeah, the whole spectrum thing is funny. My dad is a doctor, and one of his patients worked for Qwest Wireless, and he put in a tower for us by our house because there was this deadspot nearby. Since Qwest sold their network to Sprint, it's now a Sprint tower, and the funny thing is, it also looks like a T-Mobile tower on their coverage check. And i can't tell if Verizon has one there or not. My phone has bad reception. It's so odd.

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  • PNutts
    May 4, 10:21 PM
    It's not a "tracking" bug, it's a security hole...

    It's not a security hole.

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  • AlBDamned
    Sep 9, 03:47 AM

    Supposed to later but it looks and feels like another clear one to me. Here's hoping though.

    45 minutes till play resumes. I bet Giles and Jones had trouble sleeping last night. I got the train this morning at Putney and it was even more packed than yesterday with people on their way to Vauxhall for the day. Gits.

    To all the US members lost here, this is the game where you can play five matches at five days a piece and still draw!! Brilliant.

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  • Analog Kid
    Dec 2, 09:35 PM
    This looks like student project and, as such, it was well done. Kudos to them for getting their stuff so widely distributed-- my thesis never made it to CNN...

    The problem is that the focus of media attention is going to be on the fact that this is an iPod system, not on the general issue of security in wireless devices. As has been said over and over in this thread-- tracking at 60ft is meaningless for stalking. It's quite useful though in enclosed spaces-- shopping malls, grocery stores, subway entrances and exits, etc. This does give business a way to track people, but without anything but a random bunch of digits, there's no real privacy impact.

    Cell phones are probably the most vulnerable to surveillance-- good, powerful transmitters. They're not terribly easy to detect and decode though because of the encoding scheme used. Wifi is probably the most practical but it has a range of about a block.

    Encryption helps make it harder to decode the message, but if there's power coming out of a transmitter, it can be tracked. The military knows this better than anyone which is why they designed the GPS system to be absolutely silent-- it only receives so there's no way to find a GPS user unless they want to be found and transmit their position. Don't want soldiers giving up their positions every time they check where they are...

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  • Chundles
    Aug 2, 08:12 PM
    What I want to see from WWDC:

    1) New PowerMac (Mac Pro?).
    2) New xServer.
    3) Updates for MacBook Pros, iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini Lines.
    4) New iPods.
    5) Something cool and unexpected from the preview of Leopard.
    6) Steve in his usual smart and practical black turtle neck.

    Then I'd be happy :D :cool:

    1. Most likely
    2. More than likely only it's called an "xServe."
    3. Possibly, no, no, no. Remember, this is a developer/professional conference. It's got nothing to do with consumer hardware or software.
    4. No - not a consumer conference, wait till Apple surprise us with a special event or maybe at Apple Expo Paris if Jobs is doing a keynote.
    5. Most definitely
    6. But will he wear joggers (Nikes?) or socks with sandals (the "iDag" look)???

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  • aLoC
    Dec 2, 06:30 AM
    I don't get it, with such a short range transmitter you would have to follow them to receive it. But you can follow them anyway.

    How are the transmissions coming off it to their radio different to light reflecting off you to their eye?

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  • caspersoong
    Apr 29, 09:18 PM
    That's quite a revelation to me. The tables will turn soon with Nokia crumbling.

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  • skunk
    Mar 5, 12:08 PM
    One more time: yes, I think the guy should have stopped, but I think she bears as much blame as she does. He tried to diffuse a hostile situation by leaving; her actions indicated that she insisted it continue.You have no idea what transpired.

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  • cdallen
    Apr 17, 05:15 AM
    true, but you cannot deny potential sales will be lost from people who cant wait and will go for a different phone.

    my contract is up in June, and i will be pissed if i have to wait until september.

    You should contact apple... Im sure theyll change everything to match your upgrade cycles

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  • Flowbee
    Aug 17, 05:22 PM
    getting the option to rent movies on itunes will be great. hell even to rent with a burn to disc option would be even better.

    Burn to DVD would definitely be a nice option, but I usually just hook my iPod to my TV (http://podophile.com/2006/08/16/watch-ipod-videos-on-your-tv/) with the $19 AV cable. I wouldn't be too surprised if Apple initially pushes this option over DVD burning.

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 29, 01:47 PM
    I continue to be amazed by the number of students at my community college that have iPhones. These are students who for the most part are struggling to make ends meet, yet were willing to spend their limited cash that way. There are at least two or three students with iPhones in each of my classes; two years ago, I didn't see any -- and mine was a curiosity to them.

    well depends how things are paid for you might be less impressed.
    I am a struggling college student but out side of school expenses my only other cost is gas for my car.

    That means insurance and phone bill is covered by my parents that frees up a fair amount of resources to get smart phones and from others I talk to in school that is often times a big help parents give is covering cost other than school.

    As for smart phones I know at were I go to school the phone that is common on campus depends which college you are in. If it is the computer science and Engineering then iPhone is in the minority. Android rules the roost followed by Blackberry. The iPhone in a class of 30 you will see 2 some times 3. By enlarge it is Android followed by blackberry. iPhone is in the small minority. WP7 I will see out numbering the iPhone soon.

    Now if you go to the other building on that has education and business (along with art) rules change and iPhone becomes much more popular.

    Now back to us SCE students area a lot of us own iPods and I know the iPads out number the iPhones but for a phone we just do not like iOS end of story. Android is were a lot of the students want to go for.

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  • pdjudd
    Jul 16, 10:32 AM
    Show me proof that they're not lying.... See anyone can play this game but it doesn't do anything to push the conversation forward.

    Just saying, not taking sides..
    I didn't make the assertion that Apple was lying. I am saying "cite please". I make no claims either way. When someone makes a factual statement without proof to back them up, I call them on it.

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  • Arran
    Mar 16, 07:24 PM
    I wonder, if you're a Republican, how likely is it that that charity is a not-for-profit that you own yourself that channels money back to the Republican party? ;)

    Okay, you may be on to something. I did a bit more digging on that philanthropy website and came up with this on the Heritage Foundation. (That's the conservative nonprofit or "charity" that paid Justice Clarence Thomas' wife $686,000 over a period of five years. A piddling sum, which which he promptly omitted to declare on his tax return.)

    Anyway, it appears that out of total 2010 income of $69 million, The Heritage Foundation's top two officials took home $921,000 and $557,000, respectively. Charity begins at home, obviously :)


    Of course that still left the "charity" with $67.5 million in the pot for lobbying for conservative causes like tax cuts for the rich and cuts in public education.

    Now, I don't have a problem with folks looking after their own interests, but labelling the funding for this activity as "charitable giving" seems grossly misleading. It's not what I think of as "charity".

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  • Vulpinemac
    Apr 4, 11:27 AM
    true but TCO for any subscription iOS device is likely to be many hundreds of $$$ more than an android that gives a similar experience.

    TCO is where the smart people look, I'm not surprised you missed it..;):cool:

    While I agree that TCO is where the smart people look, I'd really like you to explain how TCO of an iPhone is higher than a similarly-priced Android. In my own case, I have two iPhone 4s with separate data plans and the total monthly combined bill is still under $100.

    If you don't have numbers to back up your argument, the argument tends to be invalid.

    Sep 12, 12:27 PM
    there is NO live stream!
    stop asking whats wrong with it...

    Jul 11, 04:34 PM
    The engine cradle of the new Corvette C6 is made primarily of magnesium. If magnesium is the choosen material to contain a 7 liter engine spinning at 7,200 rpms at temperatures hot enough to boil water, it should be good enough for the lowly iPod. Now the MBP, thats another story.

    Sep 12, 12:27 PM
    there is NO live stream!
    stop asking whats wrong with it...

    Apr 21, 06:51 PM
    Gah! A zillion dollar server farm, to be filled with more copies of the same mp3s we already have? Aeyyyyeeeesh

    Use that sucker as an online backup solution to tie into time machine and tossin in a year free with every Mac sale. Kill!

    Apr 19, 10:42 AM
    Why is it that they charge $50 for just streaming? Would retailer get mad if they under cut the price to just get a digital copy. The profit margin got to be so much more then actually producting a box, materials, ect, and cutting a retailer on the take. So why not make the price $25-$30. I see amazon has it for $45 along but some lag time for shipping.

    Because you're buying a game. Not a box for one. The argument could be made, "why is the boxed version more expensive than the download version? That's one expensive useless box!"

    Unless Valve is in the business of selling boxes it makes perfect sense.