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  • rajeshalex
    06-16 09:18 PM
    U can get an infopass and get the receipt number.
    Now for AC121 u need to have the job similar to the one mentioned in ur labor/perm. So u need that information in order to make sure the new job matches previous one.


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  • gc_hope
    09-29 10:36 AM
    Immigrants at USC have helped design a special randomization program for LAX security called ARMOR! Doctoral student, Pankaj Paruchuri, and his professor, Milind Tambe, have designed this special program that will help National Security and enhance the security for all of us!

    A Random Weapon in the War against Terror (http://

    I can bet that the Doctoral student himself must have faced Backlog/ Retrogression at some time! I do not know him, but I think IV should contact him!

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  • jatinr
    09-23 04:15 PM
    i too remember reading postmark doesnt matter it should be received by 17th

    I agree,it was clarified in immigration-law that the application should be received by Aug 17th and does not matter when it was sent.

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  • gonecrazyonh4
    03-20 01:14 PM
    I googled quite a bit , but could not get any more info on these bills. If any one find relevant info pls post it here.


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  • seahawks
    10-27 11:40 AM
    Please make sure all WA state members attend this meeting. This is our first meeting. We want to meet all of the members so that we can better connect and share information that cannot be posted on public forums. We also want members to work together to build a strong local state chapter. We have lots of exciting tasks that we all need to take up, your participation is critical for meeting IV goals. Please act, join and meet with us!

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  • JeffDG
    02-15 03:50 PM
    While this may seem "out there", it's not really.

    US Immigration Law recognizes some administrative divisions within countries. Take Northern Ireland as the classic example. You cannot apply for the DV Lottery if you are from the UK, except if you are from Northern Ireland, yet Northern Ireland is firmly part of the United Kingdom. I'm sure there are others as well that are recognized.


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  • gccovet
    08-15 10:03 AM
    Thanks for your replies.

    What will happen to the 140? Do they need to file for any amendment?
    If your new company has agreed to support the I-140, letter of acquisition will be enough. No worries. You may want to confer with a lawyer though.(Shell out few bucks, better to be safe, also for peace of mind)

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  • lostinbeta
    10-21 04:02 AM
    But what if you don't like jelly-bellys? or your hand gets stuck reaching in? Ahhh... nevermind.

    Weird analogy though :)


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  • jungalee43
    02-17 08:36 PM
    Sent you a PM

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  • Antonio Trivelin
    September 1st, 2006, 03:16 PM
    Just for fun :) ( (


    Comments are always wellcome



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  • MrWaitingGC
    06-18 07:08 PM
    I am not getting any appointment in June with any doctor within 60 miles from my place. So I took an appointment with a doc 70+ miles away for end of june. The only problem is I need to go twice 70 miles one way. The clinic suggested I do the blood work in nearby county clinic, but the county clinic wants 7-10 days to get results of blood work. I asked them for HIV and Sephallius test to be done. I already got TB Skin test(tested negative) done at county clinic.
    Can someone please tell what all blood tests need to be done, so I can check if any other doctor can do the blood work and I can save one 70 mile trip . Thanks.

    Common buddy this is nothing. I drive this daily to work one way. You are worried about 2 days.

    Take a day off and visit near by places and have fun.

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  • bipin
    03-17 05:53 PM
    I was working with a company until November 2007. I went to India in Dec and came back in Feb and was out of project until April 2008. During this time my relation with my employer gone bad and he threatened to cancel my H1 & I140 application. I transferred my H1 to the new company and is on project and is working with them from May 2008 till now. For the 8 months I worked in 2008 I got a total salary of 50,000 based on annual salary of $75K. This is less than the prevailing wages. Since my W2 is only $50,000 I'm worried about my immigration prospects. I’m in my 6th year and just started my Labor process with the new company.

    My current company is ready to help me, but they cannot run any payroll for last year, but can provide bonus for last year to make the total of last year up to $60k. They are a small co. and have never done this before.

    How can we include this bonus in my W2 (I haven't filed my taxes so far, the company also hasn't filed their 2008 taxes)


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  • summitpointe
    04-09 04:09 PM

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  • Munna Bhai
    01-23 08:09 AM
    Lage Raho...We will Win. Thank you core-team.


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  • waitnwatch
    12-07 06:49 PM
    Note that once you get a new passport the old one will be stamped as cancelled. So effectively you only get to use the new passport and all stamping will be done on that.

    for payal nag

    did you by any chance not send the extra $15 or so which guarantees overnight delivery. My experience is that I got my new passport back within 7 days. Same with my wife's passport. This is SF I am talking about.

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  • kirupa
    01-25 05:01 PM
    You can add a MouseLeftButtonDown event to pretty much any element! Just select and use the Events tab to set your event handler name:

    Both Blend and VS will auto-generate the event handler where you can insert some code :)


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  • jatinr
    07-26 09:10 AM
    To apply for EAD you need the following documents

    1. I-131 EAD Application document

    2. Copy of I-485 receipt notice
    3. 2 colored passport pictures - recent
    4. Cashiers cheque as stated in the form.

    Send all this in and wait. You dont need an attorney to do this. This is really a simple procedure.

    I 765 EAD Application document.

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  • chanduv23
    07-13 07:38 AM
    Please sign your petition and give support to Congresswoman Lofgren's requests from her letter dated July 9th, 2007. Doing so is the only way we can begin to restore fairness to this process.

    Can you tell more about your organization, maybe you must merge with IV, more numbers more strength.

    Contact IV core.

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  • gconmymind
    04-18 04:51 PM
    See the thin is as far as the status goes I believe one is not on Immigrant status unless one gets the GC; and their are only two statuses, Immigrant and Non-Immigrant for us (or I guess illegal, which we are not for sure)!!

    So do you think using EAD gives a person an Immigrant status in turn losing his non-immigrant status?

    EAD is just work authorization. You are an adjustee when 485 is pending and will get Immigrant status only when your 485 is approved.

    02-08 10:02 AM

    No US educated foreign student qualifies for L1 visa. Microsoft/Intel/Sun are more interested in recruiting foreign students with PhD/MS from US Universities.

    Ever checked out a career fair in a big US School?

    06-03 06:00 PM
    Nothing gonna happen, USCIS will come to know that you are jobless and you will be deported the next day..

    Why the heck dun you hire a lawyer or just get a 30 min consultation from any lawyer.
    Stop these fake ID...I know who the hell are you. and You know me very well.

    Hi All,
    My company applied 485 and h1b. I am in AOS status and having EAD. My company laid off me on March and they are not revoke my h1b and 140(they may hire me back once get new job). Mean time shall i work hourly job and get around $1200 per month with same job description with using my EAD(new company will run payroll and W2). Also i am keep looking permanent full time job with my higher salary.

    For the hourly job they asking to fill I-9(employment eligibility verification will inform USCIS). On that form asking my A# with EAD expiration date.

    Is there a chance USCIS will know my hourly job?. My concern - this hourly job will create a problem for my GC process (chance to get REF) because rate is low

    Please give me your valuable suggestion