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  • willgetgc2005
    04-13 06:33 PM

    Here is the BEC update. GUYS, Any thoughts on the claim that RIR cases wil be complete by end of April 2007 ?

    AILA's 03/15/2007 Liaison Meeting minutes reflect the following statistics:
    Total Cases Pending: 96,304
    TR Cases: Approx. 75,000 [Recruitment instructions and job order will be completed by Mary 2007]
    RIR Cases: Approx. 20,000 [Most of RIR cases expected to be completed by the end of April, 2007, except problem cases]
    Total RIR Conversion Received: 6,000
    RIR Eligible Determination Cases: 5,100

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  • Augphoto
    April 10th, 2007, 01:27 PM
    The web being what it is - is there an all inclusive list anywhere for lenses which fit a particular camera body? My particular interest would be for the Maxxum 7D but, I'm sure data like this would be useful for all camera owners.

    Sure, there are sites which review lenses and such but, an all inclusive list would make purchasing decisions more informative.

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  • dikija
    12-01 11:40 AM
    Need good advice.

    My fiancee had an approved post decision status on her H1B application. She's waiting for an interview in the US Embassy for final approval.

    We're planning to get married so that she can bring me and our 2 year old son.

    My concern is what will we do, will we marry before her interview or after her interview?

    Another biggest concern is I have a pending petition from my mother who is US Citizen, I belong to F1 Category. I know that if we'll get married my petition will move to another category which is F3.

    So this is a bit confusing whether we will marry before her interview or after her interview?

    Please put some inputs. Thank you very much!

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  • Raj3
    12-14 03:30 PM
    My company is processing my Green card and recently applied my I-140. My wife is applying for residency this year. Most of hospitals are saying that they can sponsor only a J-1 visa. Can you please suggest if this would be a problem for my Green Card processing and/or her visa stamping (Since applying for G.C means that we wants to stay and J-1 means the other way round)?




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  • rjakkani
    03-01 06:02 PM
    I have a approved I-140 with company A. It is a substitute labor.
    I am getting laid off end of the month and I have a new offer from company B.
    Can I port priority date of this I-140 to new company B? Does porting work for substitute labor also?


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  • GoneSouth
    11-12 04:57 AM
    Hi Folks,

    Anyone have any experience with or knowledge about filing a 7th year H1-B extension per AC21 106(a) when labor certification was filed under PERM more than 365 days ago and the I-140 has NOT been filed / approved yet? There is a 12/27/2005 USCIS memo says "Guidance on this subject will be provided in a seperate memorandum", but then there is no seperate memorandum (that I could find).

    My lawyers are telling me I can't file for a 7th year extension because I filed for LC under PERM, but after researching the matter, I am pretty sure they are mistaken. First, the language of AC21 states "the filing of a labor certification application on the alien�s behalf"... no distinction between ETA 750 (Traditional LC) or ETA 9089 (PERM). Furthermore, I've read various accounts on the web that state USCIS is in fact approving 7th year AC21 106(a) extensions based on PERM, but I haven't had anyone confirm that they actually did this or know first hand of someone who did.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated !

    - GS


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  • logiclife
    03-07 11:35 AM

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  • aachoo
    04-01 01:37 AM
    Does not matter. I have done both in the past. Just staple them so they dont get separated.


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  • sanjana_bhatt
    06-28 03:13 PM
    Can somebody answer this question??!!
    I am on H-4 here. Back in India i worked for a while but dint file my tax return :(
    Now for GC, if I mention the previous work ex in the form, do I need to provide the returns or something??

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  • bkarnik
    06-25 05:15 PM
    Please research exisitng threads beofre starting new threads...this question has been answered on other threads elsewhere in this forum


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  • kirupa
    07-29 12:29 PM
    Hi John - this may help you out: http://www.kirupa.com/blend_wpf/custom_wpf_windows.htm

    The rounded corners in that tutorial came from Windows itself :)


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  • Juan-E
    03-09 01:17 PM
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  • Didiusthegreat
    09-21 09:41 AM
    Hi, I've been reading your post, but I do not understand. What do you exactly want to know?

    How you should twist an object??

    Please tell me

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  • ups
    06-15 10:53 AM
    What happens if you lose your job in 6 months after filing 485?


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  • sweet_jungle
    07-19 05:02 PM
    I am working on OPT and my spouse is filing AOS/EAD/AP. What happens till it is approved? Can I work?

    yes, you can work on OPT till EAD comes. Once EAD comes, just file a new I-9 with EAD and continue working.

    Remember, in OPT, you do not have to pay social security tax. Once you switch to EAD, you have to pay social security tax.

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  • cobweb87
    08-27 02:34 PM
    Hello there,

    I am new to this forum.

    Is there any difference in timline to file a GC for sibling in "Family member of a permanent resident in a preference category" AND "Family Member of a U.S. Citizen in a Preference Category".

    I am a GC holder right now and would like know, if I should wait to become Citizen or file GC for my sibling now.

    thanks a lot for any suggestions.



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  • rajenk
    04-09 01:32 PM
    All your questions should be to your immigration attorney. As you are trying to get L1 your company should take care of all these.

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  • smarth
    10-15 07:09 PM

    I applied for AP(I-131) to Nebraska Service center last month on Sep 30th. Howmany days will it take usually to get the approval from this center?


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  • Grudge
    07-14 04:59 AM
    Ok, I managed to find a simple solution. Just flip the Y of the container, which means I need to flip the children too, but that's easy.

    11-18 10:23 AM

    Me (as primary) and my wife are July 2007 filers and have our EAD and AP till end of 2010. I also have my H1b approved till 2012 but not stamped yet. My wife currently is in AOS status (comp didn't file for her H4 ext when they applied for my 7th yr H1b ext) but she has not used her EAD. We are planning to travel India next month and get our passport stamped (H1b for myself and H4 for my wife). I've couple of questions

    1) Can someone confirm getting H4 for my wife will be treated as abandoning her I-485 because she is currently in AOS status? I don't think so but just want to confirm

    2) In form DS156 for my wife what should I answer to this question "Has anyone ever filed an Immigrant Visa Petition on your behalf ?" or to be specific I-485 is treated as immigrant visa petition or I-140 is (in which case answer to this question will be no as her gc is applied as dependent)?


    06-19 03:26 PM
    Good to know about this..Thanks for the info..