Lipstick Jungle

One author I must absolutely worship is nonetheless than the gorgeous Candace Bushnell. The author of 'Sex and the City' and now, 'Lipstick Jungle'.

It tells the story of 3 successful New York women in their early 40s whom are utterly sure of what they want to achieve in life and the struggles they have to put up to go through them.

I never knew who Candace Bushnell is until a week ago. NO SHIT! Despite that, I have been a major fan of the Liptstick Jungle TV series for quite a bit. Anything that involves independent women + major career + lotsa money + men, I am totally up for it. It is my dream to be a woman that has all of these. A successful career, power and money.

The fact that a woman possessing all these would intimidate a man's ego is just inevitable. Well, I guess, you can't ask for too much, can you?

I was thinking to myself, if I were to be a woman of such in the future, I would require a man thats up to my par, no? And seeing myself as a highly moving-forward female, I shook my head at the thought of it, boy, will it be a tough job to satisfy my requirements and standards.

Anyway back to Lipstick Jungle, the three main actress, Wendy, Nico, and Victory (from left) Ta-dah,

Here's my personal favorite character, Ms. Victory, fashion designer,

She definitely had to go through all shits to be where she is right now. Not to mention, one thing I adore others that I clearly do not possess, is them acknowledging their passions on their dream at a young age.

The entire cast of the series,

The hunk, unfortunately, he ain't Victory's man, but idc,

 So for those Lipstick Jungle fans out there, who's your favy?

Will it be



or Victory?