mind-psych works!

Since there's no point liking anyone at the moment as I am about to leave and fancying someone would only meant horror and eventually, leading to LDR, so I have been trying to psych myself into thinking I won't like any men here. The first few trials was miserable because there were so much conflicts going on between my brain and my emotions that the physical me got stuck in the middle and I met someone who totally swept me off my butt the first night. Bloody hell! It's a conspiracy against me being single I'd say! (However, I find it rather amusing, no?)

However, as time goes by, it tends to be easier. Like right now, after a week or so of psyching myself, it finally worked! I can't say it worked perfectly well, but its definitely not taking a toll on me that used to be twice as bad.

So heck, mind-psyching does work. You guys could prolly try it out and lemme know it if works on yourselves? lol.