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    04-26 11:30 AM
    I've attended hundreds of meetings of immigration lawyers in my career. Many of them have exhibited characteristics of 12-step groups in which we formed circles of victimhood, and "admitted that we were powerless over [INS, USCIS, DOL, State, etc.]and that our lives had become unmanageable." Many of these sessions disgusted me because of the excess of whining complaints over action. Too often immigration lawyers are wont to complain and play victim, but rarely do they model the fictional TV executive, Howard Beale in the movie, Network ("I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!"). I...

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  • marcus12
    01-31 08:37 PM
    Hello friends

    I am thinking of taking these semester off because of my health issue

    I had decided to attend classes and booked my ticket in April to my country. I am an international student

    So I was thinking how many months I can stay in USA after I take a semester break

    Also if I take these spring break off and than the summer break is off by default so will it be a problem if I am not in status for 7 months?

    Please let me know

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  • Chiwere
    10-29 01:17 PM

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  • ilikekilo
    05-07 06:52 PM
    Please help me with the procedure on how to get the copy of LCA.

    I have never done and just switched the job and need to file AC21


    ur attorney or company shld be able tp give that to u


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  • sertasheep
    03-30 08:52 PM
    The next attorney call for free EB immigration advice is planned for 01 April 07, Sunday at 11:30 AM Eastern Time. We will be responding to questions 131 through 153 during this call. Please await more details on the time. Members who have posed questions would have received an email assigning them with this range of question IDs.

    Please email us following the procedure outlined in this link : Click here (

    Please dial into the following number:
    218-486-1300, bridge 153151

    Also see the links below for more information

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  • ziggy7bs
    03-12 10:00 AM
    LC was approved in 08-20-07 but I-140 was not filed within 180 days according to new rules. has any body have this problem? will DOL or USCIS let it slip. please help.


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  • GC4US
    06-14 06:52 PM
    Here is my situation, I will file for I-485 on July 1st.....but on July 21 I have to leave U.S....and my question is:

    Can you leave the country as soon as you filed for I-485? or you have to wait for I-485 reciept?...I know it's mandatory to stay in U.S at the time of filing for I-485.....And is it true that after you file for I-485 you can leave U.S without any problems?

    Please advise me.

    Thank you in advance!

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    05-05 01:30 PM
    Today�s New York Times brims with immigration dysfunctions galore. The paper's immigration reports tellingly underscore the front-burner role this white-hot policy issue plays in the nation and the world. In the first section alone, we see: � An open-mike faux pas by British PM Gordon Brown, referring to an immigration opponent as a �bigoted woman,� prompted his abject apology and now risks a Labor Party loss in the UK election next week; � A controversial opinion piece and articles on the political, legal and economic fallout of the Arizona Peace-Officers� Suspect-and-Arrest-or-Refrain-and-Be-Sued Act; � A report on four Dream Act marchers�...

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  • ashkam
    07-18 11:13 AM
    yes, probably not, yes.

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  • srmodi
    11-08 01:28 PM
    Does any one know what is the process if we get wrong name in AP.? as I did get spelling mistake by uscis.


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  • vinaypuri
    04-25 10:21 PM
    Hi All,

    My wife is on her first year of OPT, she is masters in STEM so she is eligible for 17 month extension.

    In-order to re-new her OPT she needs get herself e-verified. However, her employer said thay they are not registered for e-verify system.
    My question is �
    - Is it possible to renew OPT without e-verification, if yes how?
    - What are options in that case if her employer does not e-verify?

    Please advise, Thanks,

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  • praveen2008
    08-17 05:05 PM
    Hello All,

    i applied my wife's H4 visa renewal on Feb 2008 but received the USCIS Ack as April 2008. when i see the processing times now looks like the processing time for the I 539(H4 Renewal) is October 2007

    Does any body have any understanding on the processing times on when my H4 Visa petition would be processed with USCIS ack date as april 2008 . any suggestions would be apreciated



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  • h1checker
    07-31 03:27 AM

    I would like to apply for the H1B Visa. For the same, I would like to clarify whether I am eligible with the following education background (Basically I am looking for the 16Yrs education criteria)

    1) Did schooling up to 10th (10 Yrs)
    2) Did Diploma (3 Yrs, Full Time)
    3) Total IT work experience is 9.10 Yrs
    4) Did B.S ( Bachelor of Science -- 3Yrs - Work Integrated Course/Distance Edu)
    5) Did M.S (Master of Science -- 2Yrs - Work Integrated Course/Distance Edu)

    Please let me know whether I am eligible.

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  • GC2010
    03-13 04:24 PM
    If you apply in April 2011 for 2012 quota, yes you will need to go out on/before June 2011 and come back in october 2011(will need H1B stamping too).
    On the other hand, If the H1B quota for 2011, which can be applied from April 2010 is not exhausted until you apply in 2011, You can stay and apply with out any problems, but this seems very remote, if not impossible.


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  • ramus
    06-14 10:45 AM
    Please do not create new thred for single question you have..

    Also please follow other threds and see if your question is answerd some where.

    Yes you can file for 485 even if you have 140 pending.

    Since all categories are current as of july 1st, can i file for 485/EAD/AP even if my 140 is still pending. thanks.

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  • nitkad
    03-15 02:25 PM
    Its absolutely useless as it does think that within 60 months the people will get the GC after applying for the I485. I am sure, ut will much more than that.


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  • kala
    11-22 06:19 AM
    Hi Zelwyn,
    Im interested in pixel art. I work with several clients who need "Hightech/corporate" icons for company applications and websites.
    Could you send me some examples of your work which will suit my needs?

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  • imnail
    01-17 11:23 PM
    I am cross-charging to my wifes country of birth, Germany. EB2 category. PD is July 2nd.

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  • Ramya
    11-08 06:29 PM
    I am currently with Wipro. I was working in india and i came onsite thorugh Wipro itself on H1B . Right now i have couple of offers with other companies and i would like to resign wirpo. When i want to resign wipro asks me to pay 5 lakhs + H1B change ($2000) . Can you please let me know how to proceed with this ? The reason why they are asking me to pay 5 lakhs is they want me to come back to india and work for 6 months(which does not make sense) when i have couple of offers here .

    Is it legal for companies to charge this much of money ?

    Has anyone from wipro come onsite and resigned here ?


    12-10 02:45 PM
    HI ,

    Someone told me that I-140 have to be applied 45 days from PERM approval ? Otherwise PERM will get cancelled. Is that true. Can anyone help here.


    02-15 01:26 PM
    hi there,
    i'm planning to bring my in-laws to USA and they have their visitor visa appointment next week. everything is set but i'm a littled worried about demonstrating financial stability to sponsor them.
    i have paystubs & employment letter but the bank letter doesn't look so good. i live on check-to-check and my current balance is around 3K. you think i should take chance and go for the interview and hope VO doesn't ask for bank letter or doesn't mind the balance?

    please help. any feedback is greatly appreciated.