Cheating Partner: Part 2

Aloha peeps!

Back with part 2 and yeah, there is a slight change in the title as I do not want to seem sexist for pointing fingers only at guys for cheating. And its so true, guys and girls, they both cheat.

In my previous post, it was about what kind of person you would be if you find out that your other half is cheating.

Now, part 2 is about a close friend finding out that your friend's partner cheated. What do you do next?

So I've sorta have a few questions to lay down on the table and would absolutely be appreciative of the response from my great readers. ;)

*drum rolls*

Question 1:

Should you tell your friend?

(I personally believe I should because if you don't then you may seem like an accomplice. But then again, its not your call to decide if she deserves to know or not. sooo.... IDK!)

Question 2:

Say, you decided to tell your friend. How on earth do you break the news to them?

Question 3:

After breaking the news lalalala..... what do you do?

I am pretty darn sure some of you must be thinking gee, what a douchebag friend I am. But honestly, I am a blithering idiot, mediocre at this. And I am not shy to ask for your opinions so yeah.

Okay, thats all! Help loves!