A dash of twisted fate

You know how you thought you would never meet that someone special in your life....

and *wham*

somehow or rather, you do? More than one guy.

But you're gonna be at least 200,000 km away from each other.

or the fact that he's married.

or he's a wanted person for being so politically active.

What's next? really?

And let me let you readers in on sth,

those are real. the scenarios I've just mentioned. They are neither false nor fiction-ated.

Yes I met a great guy whom is not willing to share his life with a girl thats about to fly off for studies.

and Yes, I met a great guy that's married but interested in me. (don't worry loves, I told him off. I can't do married guys)

and Yes, this Italian guy whom is so heartbroken over the fact that I told him this is not gonna work at all. Better for us to not make things more difficult.

Drama, no?

I'm actually beginning to get the hang of these dramas thats been filling in my life. So I am a tad unreceptive towards all these kinda things.

Just wished things could have been different.