The indisputable ego.

Its funny how much I can deny just to protect the heart from breaking yet again. Clearly, my heart tells me all the time that honesty is always the best policy but my brain is definitely not in agreement with the heart. 

I have arrived to a point in which I couldn't distinguish the need to protect from the normality considering I have been practicing it so often, it became part of whom I am. 

Really, I think its' a bad sign because it means I'm creating a shield around me shunting off certain feelings away. 

On the other hand, I do want to be as honest as possible, laying my cards on the table. No more silly mind-boggling mind games. There's no guessing games. Anything felt in the heart could be expressed freely in the mind and lips without having to cause misunderstandings. With some serious regrettable repercussions. 

I don't fancy that kinda life. Duh.. Who does? In spite of that, I believe that self-protection is an obligation to prevent oneself from being pushed around/played at. 

I know my post may be a tad negative but hey this is reality people. Don't judge me. I'm just guarding my vulnerable heart.