Internship offer @ the freaking BIG APPLE!

Aloha! This has been a delightful day to me! Everything is running so smoothly from installing Windows to my lovely lovely White Macbook to reading an email sent by this Multinational World Renowned Research Company based in NY by the President himself to offering me an internship at the company! I literally jumped for joy earlier from the second floor to the kitchen and right back to the first floor. My parents could not possibly do anything but to smile at my weird behavior because boy I know they are proud of me.

Guess what? I am so very proud of myself too! *pats own back*

Honestly, to even think of the possibilities of being employed in the US is zilch I actually gotten a real internship offer. Fine. Its merely an INTERNSHIP but hey, thats my golden ticket fellas. My starting point of being a really successful woman in the concrete jungle. (just like the ladies in Lipstick Jungles) Oh Victory, I may not be a splendid designer but Im sure as hell gonna be one well-known lady surrounded by Wall Street bankers and hot celebrities on the mag cover!

okay, im too elated to be writing this post. So off I go. To bed. smiling. like a nimwit. but i dont give two fucks. coz here I come big apple!