Once bitten twice shy

Yellowww fellows!

hey it rhymes! :D

Once bitten twice shy. <--- can you folks agree with this?

Personally, I have to agree and disagree with that. Allow me to explain, considering that I'm a very much a daredevil and a believer, I couldn't bear to be shy! Hence, I disagree with that. For instance, Love. Despite of how many broken relationships I have, I believe that there will come a day when I will meet the right one. (I was about to say the missing puzzle of my picture but hell, thats' just too cheesy! and so movie-ish. I can't handle that). So I will not give up looking/close my door just because I have had bad experiences because a rotten apple in the basket does not necessarily mean all apples are rotten. You just have to dig deep enough to find that one fine apple.

On the other hand, say,  you did not prepare well for this huge business presentation, and it failed miserably. Obviously you would never want to go through that shit again, and at the next presentation meeting, you vow to be readily prepared and wow those clients/colleagues/bosses mind away.

So really I think, everything tells two stories and it depends on how you want to interpret it.