Sod Off

Im sure many of you have experienced the times where you are in such foul mood and someone comes and pisses you off/anything-they-do-or-say is just plain disturbing and you have such strong urge to yell at them to back off.

Its my family. They're being ridiculously chinese. And fuck does it annoy me! I would love to slam the door right at their face, get into this screaming competition, and be a goddamn bitch to them. But I wont because its not worth the time and energy. and......

You know how they said patience has its limits? I believe mine has come to an end. The devil in me has been unleashed. I will be a bloody bitch now. Cold blooded bitch. You have asked for this. Watch me transform and I will make you regret for the rest of your fucking miserable life.


You know, I think I could be some antagonist character and play it really well because despite the goodness in me, the devil-side is stronger.