Swept off my feet

Remember the denial I have been writing about? I think its getting tougher to deny anymore because the feelings are actually growing stronger. 

To be really honest, I have never felt such strong connection, with a lad of my own race, in a very very long time. And I thought with the distance and all we would actually grow apart but apparently I am so wrong about that. We got closer. 


I KNOW RIGHT! I can't explain it either. 

And after what happened today, its just like in those scenes where I read it in the love fiction novels. See this is what happened earlier. 

I was supposed to be heading up to KL to meet him and hand him his present (in exchange for mine), but parents were being chinese and whatnot, so I had to cancel it. Mind you, he's leaving to the UK this tuesday, and me to the states this saturday. So we won't be meeting for a year literally. 

So when he rang me up 5 mins before he arrived, I was ecstatic! I mean, I never thought in my life, EVER! could I experience such rush of adrenaline and wave of emotions that came hitting against my face. I was so touched, still am. I never realized that I actually meant that much to him for him to drive all the way here to hand me my gift. So I climbed into the shotgun,and he told me to take a look inside the gift bag. 

*drum rolls*

It was a box of tissue! He looked at me and said, " Well, its for you as you would be needing it while you flood the airport when you leave."

I told him, "You would never come all the way for a box of tissue!" 

It was just too funny. Then he opened up his compartment and handed me this pair gorgeous grey wool gloves. He claimed that it would be winter soon, so he wanted me to take it to the states. It was delightful! Boy did I love the gloves so much that I've decided to unpack the rest of my gloves. 

and… that was when I realized I like this guy.